Plasma Based Nano Technology

Who we are?

Plasma products healing the Inner-Self. The collective consciousness.

Bio Plasma is a young brand
based in India, and is the result of
skills and know-how acquired over
many years of experience.
Bio Plasma relies on the constant
research work of experts in the
field of holistic medicine, includes
physiotherapists, osteopaths,
quantum bio resonance medicine
professionals and fitness instructors
with a broad base of knowledge
and skills.

Bio Plasma

Bio Plasma directs its research
activity with a holistic approach to
well-being, dealing with the
physical, mental, energetic and
emotional states of the human
body. According to multiple
studies now established, every
disease has a frequency therefore
diseases and pain are generally the
result of some changes or
imbalances of frequencies in our
body. The products and devices
that we design, develop and
manufacture, were born from
research carried out in the field of
quantum physics, they arise from
the combined action of effective
technologies and the use of
cutting-edge materials, integrated
with frequency biomagnetism


The products and devices we Manufacture contain the Latest Technologies in the feild of Quantum Medicine,Suchas:

❖ Nanotechnology;

❖ Plasma technology;


❖ Quantum Technology;


❖ MaGrav technology;


❖ Bio-frequency technology;


❖ Bio-photonic technology;


❖ Phototherapy;


❖ FIR technology - Far infraredrays;


❖ Tesla Technology and CEM



❖ Epigenetic mapping test;



We believe that all organisms have evolved or become accustomed to these natural frequencies. Even though our systems are tuned to work best when they are in harmony with them, we live in a digital and electronic world that is filled with interference from manmade frequencies. Bio Plasma aims to help people tune back into Earth's natural frequencies and take care of their well-being through frequency-optimized orthoses and wellness devices.


The fields of application are: osteomyo-articular pathologies, pre and post-operative treatments, metabolism and endocrine system pathologies, neurological pathologies, removal of energy blocks, energy rebalancing, treatment of geopathies, pain therapy, anxious / depressive syndromes, intoxications from heavy metals, strengthening of the immune system, treatment of inflammatory diseases, treatment of addictions.

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