All the matter we know is composed of atoms representing the smallest unit of energy of a chemical element. The human organism is a set of atoms that join together to create molecules and then form cells, tissues up to entire systems (locomotor, circulatory,respiratory etc.).

The human body is by definition an "energy" body composed of particles of atomic energy and each electro-energetic particle has circuits in which the energy is transported.

The structure of the atom is composed of:

➢ Nucleus: composed of Neutrons (neutral charge) and Protons (positive charge +)

➢ Electrons: which move around the nucleus creating orbits (negative charges -)

An atom or a molecule is therefore formed by a positive nucleus and a cloud of negatively charged electrons that "gravitate" around the nucleus, just like the planets do around the sun.

There is a "perfect" balance between the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) within an atomic particle.

The physical body is therefore a conjunction of atoms that generate an electromagnetic field but more precisely a "Magnetic Gravitational" field.

The electromagnetic field of a healthy organism has a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency makes the atomic components of the body stable

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