All the vital mechanisms, however varied and different they may be, have only one purpose, that of preserving constant the conditions of life in the internal environment

"wrote Dr. Bernard in 1878 [C. Bernard, Leucons sur les phénomènes de la vie communs aux animaux et aux végétaux, Bailliére, Paris, 1878, I vol.].

It is therefore essential to rebalance the ground to repel the disease.

From the words of Dr. Bernard one of the fundamental principles of the MagnetoGravitational fields (MAGRAVS) is deduced, namely the one we define as “cellular Intelligence”.

Expressing the concept in simple words, in a state of imbalance (loss of homeostasis), the cellular tissue will behave as an acceptor (therefore it will attract "gravitation") towards those magnetic charges it will need to regain balance and as a repulsor (it will reject "magneto ”) towards those charges that he will not need.

This principle is currently used in aerospace medicine which uses the rebalancing of the body's magnetic fields to treat all those pathologies of which astronauts are victims (codified as Space Syndrome) due to having abandoned the most important magnet of our life for a long time. : "The earth".

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