Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Everything that we see in our universe is made from interacting magnetic fields of different strengths, speeds and densities. From the smallest particles, atoms, molecules, to plants, animals, our world, the planets, our solar system, every galaxy and even the universe.

Everything within our universe is a plasma, from the smallest atom to grains of sand, a flower, a bird, a tree, the earth, the moon, our sun, our solar system, the galaxies and the universe.

A plasma constantly gives out fields freely. They flow into the environment. The fields that are not needed by the environment flow back in to the plasma of which they emanated. It is a principal of giving and receiving unconditionally. Giving what is needed, taking back what is not needed.

We look at space and we think there is emptiness between the earth and the moon or between the planets or stars. In fact space is filled to overflowing with invisible magnetic and gravitational fields. All moving at different speeds and interacting. Our three dimensional physical reality is nothing more than a manifestation that results when magnetic fields come together under certain conditions and interact. Physical reality is created when fields interact at a certain speed. Fields that travel faster or slower than the speed of those that create our reality, exist outside of our reality, in other dimensions.

The magnetic gravitational fields of the earth create the earths environment which influences how fields will interact to create life on earth. The physical objects on earth are unique to earth because of earths unique environment. Life on other planets will not be identical to that of earth unless the conditions of field interaction on that planet are identical to that of earth. Plasmas manifest themselves in different physical forms because of different environmental conditions. Will they combine to make a body, a rock, a tree, a planet?

Our bodies are nothing more than a collection of millions of fields that have come together and are interacting to form a plasma that we define as the human body. Amino acids, proteins, muscles, bones, skin, blood are all collections of fields; individual plasmas that combine to create the body plasma.

The magnetic fields that make up your body originate from the fields of our solar systems sun, our galaxy and our universe. Nothing in the world or universe can exist without magnetic fields. This has been the mystery of creation. The universe is simply magnetic gravitational fields constantly in motion and interacting, moving at different speeds and strengths.

Every plasma is like a wound up spring. The strongest fields are at the centre of the spring. The weakest fields are in the outermost parts of the plasma.

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