Quantum medicine is based on frequency information.

Our organism receives as energy in the form of frequency information everything that externally affects it and, in turn, emits the aforementioned quantum energy.

Each cell, each organ, emits its own particular frequency which can be linked to healthy structures, or it can be generated by

pathological situations linked to disturbing oscillations. This frequency information can be appropriately captured by the body through electrodes and subsequentlystudied,electronically reprocessed.

Quantum bioresonance therapy tends to restore the functionality of the organism and its regulatory systems:

this is done by gradually reducing the pathological oscillations until their complete elimination.

Since all vital processes are regulated by electromagnetic oscillations, responsible for biochemical processes, the disease can be seen as a set of "sick" oscillations that lead to incorrect regulations: the disease before manifesting itself in bodily symptoms can be sought in a disorder of the physiological

frequency oscillations, a disorder on which one can intervene through counter regulation or enhancement.

The therapy is based on the use of magnetic fields of low intensity and frequency.

It is a personalized therapy that interacts with the responses revealed by the patient's body, also

aiming to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. The therapy is painless, has no contraindications and side effects.

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