These aren't your usual vitamins. Green Shield launches a new challenge with ActiveBlast. These offer an innovative way of taking vitamins in the form of real patches. They are equipped with nano-neutral particles that can penetrate the skin barrier for effective absorption without the need for pills. They are easy to wear and are completely natural. ActiveBlast takes vitamins to the next level by improving and increasing energy and well-being within minutes of application. Transdermal nano-certs deliver the active ingredients directly through the skin for systemic distribution, providing vitamins and energy to our bodies safely and evenly. All nutrients are contained in our adhesive layer, ready to be released slowly once applied to the skin. Moisture from your body helps release vitamins and energy from the adhesive, which are then absorbed by your body. Our ActiveBlast nano-cerrots are ORGANIC, VEGAN, GMO-FREE and ADDITIVE-FREE. Indossando i nostri nano-cerotti ActiveBlast, potrete ottenere il meglio dal vostro corpo e dalla vostra mente. Poiché le vitamine vengono assorbite direttamente dall'organismo una volta che passano attraverso la pelle, gli effetti sono praticamente istantanei. Confezione da 32 cerotti. Fornitura per 4 mesi. Consigliabile 2/3 volte a settimana. All Green Shield products contain nano-elements. The materials contained in the patches consist of a mixture of plasma water, oxygen, amino acids and organic substances applied to a polyester fabric and sealed inside a polymer envelope. The active materials are applied to a substrate to form a nanoscale biological antenna.


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Active Blast B12

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