AquaStruct – Structured Water

Water builds up a memory based on the environmental conditions it is exposed to. This memory and the fact that the water is polluted, more or less, to some degree, leads to the water molecules forming groups/clusters. These clusters consist of compounds which make water seem dense and heavy.


Research suggests that there are three different ways to structure and energise water molecules, either through a vortex, with magnetism or through frequencies. The AquaStruct water structuring unit utilises crystal frequencies (PiezoElectricity).

You’ve probably used piezoelectricity quite a few times today. If you have a quartz watch, piezoelectricity is what helps it keep regular time; if you used an electric lighter you used Piezoelectricity to ignite the flame. Piezoelectricity (literally, “pressing electricity“) is much simpler than it sounds: it just means using crystals to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and why it’s so useful.

Pierre Curie and Jacqueus Curie (brothers) discovered the piezoelectric effect in 1880. Piezoelectricity is a property of a material to generate electric potential when a mechanical stress is applied to it. In their initial experiments, the Curie brothers examined naturally occurring materials such as Rochelle salt, quartz. Of the initial materials examined, quartz exhibited the largest piezoelectric effect.

The AquaStruct Enhancer is made of industrial rubber infused with Crystal Frequencies and simply wraps around your water pipe. This propriety blend of materials constantly emits energy under pressure.  Piezo material’s ability to release voltage provides you with a constant energy source which enhances your water 24 hours a day, for a lifetime.

The main benefit of the AquaStruct is that it de-scales water, effectively treating and preventing lime scale build-up (“Kalk”). This is the perfect tool for treating hard water effectively without utilizing chemicals, power, filters or moving parts. Improvement in water quality are observed with changes in pH, total dissolved solids, total hardness, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, evaporating temperature, minerals, organic matter and total count of bacteria. The AquaStruct balances pH and prevents the growth of algae.

The Aqua-Struct creates silky-smooth water, thus assisting hydration levels, oxygen levels and effectively helps to alkalize the body.

Farming Operations

Whether growing field, greenhouse or hydroponic crops, watering your seeds with structured water makes a difference. Everyone enjoys increased Seed Germination rates. Growers using the AquaStruct not only enjoy increased seed germination rates but also improved crop growth. Oxygen in agricultural irrigation water is often completely neglected. It’s a parameter that is completely ignored and yet it can have a significant impact on plant health,  root development,  fertiliser & water uptake as well as yield.

Dirty Lake Water, oxygen levels taken 1 minute apart. Frequency Structurer placed under the cup.
Watering plants with structured water results in improved hydration and uses less water.  Plants grow at a faster rate and deliver higher biomass density. The result is stronger, healthier, nutrient dense plants that are less prone to disease. We regularly see 30% + Yield Increases.

A study done at the Potchefstroom University, on Macadamia seedlings, showed that they used 20% less water with 20% better germination, better root development and 23% better growth.

Structured water in hydroponics has many benefits. Hydroponic Farmers see increases in production with lower water consumption rates and a decrease in nutrient usage. The maximum hydration and solubility make it a perfect addition to any hydroponic operation. 

Livestock benefits from drinking structured water. Farmers not only report increased egg delivery rates, but also increased milk production. Hydration and solubility enhances nutrient uptake, resulting in increased milk production and/or better quality meat.

Structured water helps activate microbes in Soil & Compost. Increasing the vitality of water increases the vitality of compost, ultimately assisting the breakdown process. 

Fish Farmers benefit from using healthier water which reduces the risk of infections. Sludge in your operation will break down at a quicker rate.  Aquaponic growers can maximise crop yield without comprising nutrient value, and also produce happier, healthier fish.

With the Aqua-Struct you increase the bottom line profits of any farming operation. 


Beverage Companies utilising water in the production process will enjoy better nutrient uptake due to the solubility of structured water. The result is crispy-fresh beverages full of locked-in goodness.

Wineries and Breweries enjoy less build-up allowing for less chemical usage and less maintenance. The Aqua-Struct improves the thermodynamic properties of water creating better heat transference with a direct effect on production costs. 

Food Producers benefit, either by utilising Aqua-Struct grown crops or by structured water in the food production process. Subtle elemental forces in products such as homeopathic medicines and super foods are strengthened.

Construction Companies benefit from saving up to 30% of the water used in concrete will improving strength by 40%. Cement dries quicker when mixed with structured water.

Wilting flowers could be re-vitalized. Flower Shops watering with structured water will have longer lasting flowers, waste reduction and cost savings.

Using the Aqua-Struct at Golf Courses and Public Gardens creates healthier more radiant looking grass, plants and flowers with the benefit of using less water for better looking natural spaces. 

Lawn Companies enjoy increased growing rates and higher output. Struggling to keep up with lawn orders? This product is for you. Quicker turnaround times are guaranteed. 

Landscapers benefit in the same way. Gardens flourish from structured water. Drip Irrigation constantly needs maintenance due to build up in sprinkler heads. The AquaStruct softens water resulting in less build-up which protects the integrity of irrigation systems. This saves you and your customers on maintenance costs.

Spa’s and Health Clinics enjoy water with better life-force and extended healing properties. 

Guesthouses and Hotels receive a host of benefits, from the garden to the shower. Guests will just love the silky smooth water. Reduce maintenance costs and protect your equipment. We highly recommend the Aqua-Struct to the hospitality industry. 


If your love growing food or just gardening, you will love the effect that structured water has on your Garden.

Structured water deeply hydrates humans, plants and animals. Improving vitality and oxygen levels. The human body consist of approximately 70% water. We receive regular reports of various Health Benefits and anti-aging effects. Structured water tastes and feels like fresh spring water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. People are consistently saying that it tastes sweeter and ‘silkier’ and they are able to tell the difference every time.