We have learned in the past, how the fields of our body can be unbalanced for emotional and environmental reasons, paving the way for the appearance of disease or psychophysical energy imbalance. Logically, therefore, if we could maintain the balance in these fields, we would have the real possibility to considerably reduce our stress levels and maintain our body in a sustainable general state of health. The purpose of the Sweat-shirts or T-shirts "Be positive" or simply energy (B+), is precisely the rebalancing of the psychophysical energy through specific information, which is released and which acts on the harmony and global well-being, capable of rebalancing the body, soul and mind of the person wearing the Sweat-shirts. The B+ Sweatshirts of Green Shield, are made with a specific vibratory wave through the state of dried GANS of zinc and Co2 mixed in different colours, so the energy waves are in turn combined with fabrics and shapes. The transmission of the message on B+ sweatshirts or t-shirts, is done by a nano energy technique linked to subtle energies, which infuses the colour in the desired information. The wearer of Green Shield's B+ garments will experience the rebalancing and/or strengthening, on several levels, of moods, health, perceptions, environments and other facets of his or her life or world. How does energy behave? The importance of colours in our lives. Our bodies absorb colours. Directions for use: Wear freely. Discontinue use if adverse effects occur. Hand wash in cold water with neutral soap. Also works perfectly with SoftMAG foot mat and Life Pen or any other device from the SoftMAG range that enhances the creation of the perfect balance between the physical body, psychic mind and consciousness.


B+ Energy Sweathshirt