The Garden Fairy

The Garden Fairy is safe for humans, animals, bees, butterflies, pray mantis and other predators.

Utilises Crystal Frequencies and Quantum Physics

The Garden Fairy consists of 2 parts, which are two different sets of instructions programmed into crystal powder.

The first set of instructions is a collection of information which supports plant growth. This set of instructions assists plants to develop better. The Garden Fairy stimulates soil conditions, structures soil water, improves plant growth and increases flowering. The Garden Fairy emits stimulation information which results in increased leaf sizes, it stimulates root growth and makes plants flower better. This product supports the overall well being of plants and results in higher sugar levels in fruit and vegetables. This product improves hydration in plants, creates strong internal water structures that reduces damage caused by environmental stresses such as frost.

Frequency module for your home and garden. 40 meter radius.

  • Improves plant growth,
  • Stimulates soil,
  • Protects against common pests and disease,
  • Balance and stabilise eco systems.

Whether you are a small scale farmer, a permaculturist, or just a city gardening enthusiast, this life-giving product helps flora to thrive.

The second set of instructions is out-of-phase information which helps to mitigate the effects of pests and disease.  The pest and disease instruction set is under continuous development. We continue to test and improve the range of the counter frequencies with commercial farms, to bring the best benefit to your garden and home.

Our frequency module emits beneficial energies which lowers water consumption, stimulates plant growth, and protects against frost (-4 C).

This environmentally conscious product requires no powerno batteries and no maintenance. The frequency emits 24 hours a day and covers a 40m radius (Roughly 5000m2).  The product has a lifespan of 10 years or longer.

Supporting your home and garden has never been easier. Our frequency modules are uniquely programmed to emit a frequency specifically targeting problem insects, pests and diseases.

Our counter frequencies and developed to limit or remove common insects, fungus, disease and pests.  Over time the natural ecosystem returns and stays balanced for longer periods. Through continuous involvement and proactive inspections, our clients participate in early detection. This allows us to load any new harmful disease, sub species or mutations onto existing products.


Crystal Cures – Home and Garden