Distribulek On-Line-Series

The On-Line-Series is an uninterruptible power supply incorporating double-converter technology.

The Distribulek UPS provides you with backup power in times of power cuts. Automated load management with multiple features to improve electricity distribution. The device shifts your rates to off-peak prices during peak electricity usage times. Cuts down your dependency on utility provider or effectively takes you off grid. Interconnects with various renewable energy sources (solar, wind, fuel cell) as well as generator systems or grid supply.

The Distribulek provides perfect protection specifically in strict load environments. The double-converter principle eliminates all power disturbances from mains. The rectifier converts the alternating current from the socket outlet into direct current, which charges the batteries and powers the inverter.

In the event of power failure, maintenance free batteries power the inverter. The Distribulek inverter generates sine wave AC power which permanently supplies the load. Manufactured with on-line, double conversion architecture, the Distribulek UPS offers the greatest degree in available protection. The Distribulek UPS is designed to provide continuous high-quality AC power to connect strict loads such as basic operating equipment in hospitals, communication networks and manufacturing. This product is the best option for data centres.

The Distribulek UPS Power Bank can solve almost all power problems, such as power outage, city power high voltage, city power low voltage, voltage drop, amplitude reduction, voltage pulses, voltage fluctuations, surge voltages, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, and frequency fluctuations.

Patented and laboratory tested with manufacturing pedigree.

Standard Distribulek UPS *with built in batteries* available in :

  • 6 kVA Single Phase
  • 10 kVA Single Phase
  • 10 kVA Three Phase

XL Distribulek UPS *with external battery bank* available in :

  • 6 kVA Single Phase
  • 10 kVA Single Phase
  • 10 kVA Three Phase
  • 15 kVA Three Phase
  • 20 kVA Three Phase

XL Units: Long backup time.

Software Included.

Distribulek Power Unit

  • Manufactured to client specifications.
  • Casters for easy installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Patented Technology manufactured in South Africa.
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) through a microprocessor controlled DC Boost Inverter.
  • 45% saving on electricity and 100% saving if used with Solar.

Contact us for tailor made specifications.

The Distribulek Unit is available from 10kVA to 300kVA

Distribulek 20 kVA UPS Inverter