Hydroponic Farming

Bio Plasma provides turnkey management solutions which equip and promote farming potential into fresh produce, supplier status. Our integrated hydroponic farming solution provides the key elements to assist with systems installation, training and support. The turnkey solution includes tunnels, complete hydroponic installations and climate control.

Bio Plasma links our customers with cutting edge products and systems. Bio Plasma nurtures hydroponic farmers by providing the necessary tools to make any project a success.

Due to its climate, tunnel farming has become the preferred choice amongst many growers in South Africa and is seen as a cost effective option to improve consistency. As apposed to places such as Europe, farmers in South Africa enjoy moderate climates, allowing farmers to grow all year without heating and sophisticated climate control.

Hydroponic farming utilizes growth medium other than soil, and delivers nutrient rich water directly to the plants. Hydroponic farming has seen steady growth and is fast becoming the preferred choice for growing in a controlled environment. The nature of hydroponics allows it to be stacked for maximum yield in minimum space. Typical farming provides one level solution, however with our innovative systems you cultivate crops on multiple levels to increase revenue potential.spinach


• High quality produce at more frequent intervals compared to conventional farming. Growers enjoy 30% increased growth rates, resulting in quicker turn around.
• Quicker turn around times with no soil preparation,
• 85 % less water used compared to conventional farming,
• Soil borne diseases are eliminated or reduced,
• Large yields in small areas,
• Controlled environment,
• Reduced use of chemicals,
• Automated irrigation.

NFT Layout

Our Vertical Farming NFT solution is designed to provide you with the capacity to cultivate 10 000 plants per 300m2.



The structure is comprised of hot galvanised steel and is planted straight into the ground with base plates. Thereafter prefab galvanised steel pipes complete the buildings. The flooring consists of weed mat, creating a smooth coated surface for ease of runoff of any water and prevention of dust and pests.

Steel pipes for the main construction are 42mm round tube uprights all round, the roof trusses are 42mm sections. Leg and roof struts range from 38mm (primary) to 32mm (secondary) support struts. All steel is specified with a 2mm wall thickness. The plastic for cladding is 200 Micron UVA diffused (3.5 year warranty). All poly is covered in a 20% white shade net for protection of the plastic from hail and excessive wind. The ends will feature a 40% grey shade net cladding with a sliding barn door system on each end.


Farm Stimulation