GreenShield SoftMAG Sciatic Shield

*Sciatic Nerve Inflammation Pad

GreenShield Technology offers a natural alternative to commonly prescribed methods for pain management. A unique range of products specifically designed for different parts of the body for maximum comfort, support and lasting pain relief.

GreenShield is made from neoprene and anti-allergic cotton. The GreenShield products are placed on the afflicted areas of the body and fastened with Velcro. GreenShield’s SoftMAG technology can be used anywhere, at any time and for unlimited periods for the effective treatment of areas affected by pain.

Experience quick pain relief the natural way.

SoftMAG technology produces magnetic-universal gravitational fields which are designed to restore natural balance. SoftMAG’s magnetic energy fields consist of low frequencies interacting with the skin, the muscles and the osteoarticular system. With time Softmag technology has the ability to restore original chemical, electric and magnetic balance and offers relief from acute and chronic pain.

SoftMAG technology may partly be considered an evolution of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) without the contraindications. SoftMAG Technology naturally transmits small impulses to the brain, assisting the release of endorphins, which is the body’s natural defence against pain.

Warranty: 3 years.



  • It relieves acute and chronic tiredness.
  • It reduces compression syndromes.
  • It relieves chronic back pain.
  • It improves sore acute and chronic back pain.
  • It improves the healing of sprains and strains.
  • It reduces pain in the legs.
  • It can improve blood circulation.
  • It can increase the vitality of cells and tissues.

Do not use:

  • On open wounds.
  • When experiencing skin problems.
  • When experiencing high fever.
  • When pregnant.
  • When you have a pacemaker.
  • Keep away from metal (internal and external).
  • Keep away from electromagnetic sources (e.g. radio or TV).

GreenShield Seat Support

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  • SoftMAG Technology protects, assists recovery, and reduces pain. Leaders in natural pain management. CE Medical Device