Full Body Balance

Wellness is happiness.

This device is a programmed piezoelectric frequency module. The Crystal Heart Pendant is programmed with a specific set of wellbeing frequencies which helps restore the body into balance. This Crystal Frequency Device broadcasts quantum heath information which assists the body into a synergistic state.

This device incorporates frequencies such as Ormus White Gold and Combination Plasma Water.

This product constantly releases electrons which energise cellular functions for a better quality life. The longer you keep the device on your person, the stronger it supports the body.

Pet Friendly Product

Read more about the importance of Electrons in Biology.

How does it work? Clear Quartz Crystal Powder has the ability to retain memory. We use this ability to instruct crystalline powder with specific information, we then seal the crystalline powder under constant pressure which activates its piezoelectric power. By wearing this device on your person, you provide your body with a constant boost.

Health Pendant