HiGro Tower Garden for 24 Plants

The HiGro Tower Garden is a vertical farming solution utilising less than a square meter.  The HiGro Tower Garden consists of 4 segments, each segment housing 6 plants. The segments contain coir, a renewable rooting medium.  Four segments interlock to form the column.  One HiGro Tower Garden effectively grows up to 24 plants.  The HiGro Tower Garden is not only space considerate, but also water wise.

The HiGro Tower Garden is the perfect solution to address agriculture in high density living environments. Perfect for growing flowers, leafy greens, peas, beans and strawberries.

The HiGro Tower Garden uses no electricity and is manually irrigated by means of a compression sprayer*. The Higro Tower Garden is waterwise using less than 100 ml of water per plant a day. The plant fertiliser is mixed with the water in a compression sprayer and pumped up through the drip lines to each segment. Water run-off is easily collected under the column and recycled back into the irrigation cycle.

The HiGro Tower Garden is manually operated, productive, sustainable and highly water efficient. The column is suspended from an appropriate beam or structure, preferably in full sun for winter and part shade in summer.

*Requires 5Litre compression sprayer, sold separately (We recommend the following brands: Gardena, Matabi, Guarany)

Simple to Install

HiGro Tower Garden