Why Ozone

Ozone (O3) is simply activated oxygen, often referred to as natures cleaning agent. It is used to neutralize bacteria, viruses, odours, pollen, tobacco smoke, mould, mildew and chemicals. Both in the air that we breathe or the water that we drink.

As gas ozone reaches where conventional cleaners/disinfectants cannot, it has no harmful by-products, it’s all natural and environmentally friendly. Ozone disintegrates the cell walls of microbial cells and attacks unsaturated carbon double bonds in organic compounds. It also neutralize odours and volatile organic compounds by breaking the chemical bonds between odour producing compounds through oxidation.

Ozone purifies water. Ozone oxidises compounds and reverts molecule clusters back into separate elements. Ozone eliminates all know viruses and bacteria.

Ozone oxidizes airborne pollutants and reverts back to oxygen. This oxidation process helps break down contaminates in the air we breathe. This process helps break down contaminants in the air to restore it as pure odourless oxygen. It is an awesome tool for removing smells and odours such as tobacco smoke, which is destructed and eliminated.

It is essential that we drink water which is pathogen free. Disinfection plays a very important part in the water purification process. It is better to drink water with a foul appearance knowing that it contains no impurities such as bacteria, rather than drinking water that ‘appears’ crystal clear but loaded with microbes that the naked eye cannot distinguish. With all the different water filters available in the market place, one should make 100% sure that it also contains a mechanism for disinfection.

Ozone is an excellent disinfectant and completely safe to use. During the history of large scale usage, there has never been a human death attributed to it. Still today hospital theatres make use of Ozone, just as they did in the 1930’s in Europe. Millions of ozonators are in use worldwide, both commercially and residentially.

Technological improvements on ozone generators have now contributed to optimal removal of Pseudomonas, Candida, Penicillium, Salmonella Listeria, E.Coli, Clostridium Botulinum and Thamnidium on meat and dairy products. Microbial control in the kitchen, in the home and throughout the workplace is possible with the introduction of ozone! – ensuring that every new day is started on a ‘clean slate’ in a sterilized environment.

With the introduction of ozone one can be rest assured that all bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds (tobacco smoke approx 3500 chemical compounds) are totally destroyed, rendering the immediate environment healthy and pleasant.

Benefits of Ozone

• It kills bacteria and viruses on contact.
• It reduces inflammation in the body.
• Ozone is proven to strengthen the immune systems.
• Enjoy increased energy levels due to increased oxygen levels.
• It helps your body detox.
• There are many other benefits and the list is too long to mention…

Applications of Ozone

Homes, Offices, Butcheries, Cars, Casinos, Catering Halls, Chicken Sheds, Chicken Incubators, Cooling Towers, Class Rooms, Clubs & Pubs, Cold Rooms, Conference Rooms, Dairies, Doctors Waiting Rooms, Food Preparation Areas, Fruit/Vegetable Storage, Garbage Rooms, Gym/Locker Rooms, Hospital Waiting Rooms, Hospital Wards, Hotel Rooms, Industrial Waste Areas, Kitchens (domestic & commercial) Lounges, Nursing/Old age Homes, Nurseries, Public Entertainment Areas, Refrigeration, Spas, Sewerage Plants, Smoking Rooms, Supermarkets, Tanneries, Taxis, Toilets, Veterinary Clinics Surgeries, Drinking Water Treatment, Swimming Pools the list goes on.


  • MODEL : 250 LP-COMBO
  • DIMENSIONS :265mm (L) X 185mm (W) X 97mm (H)
  • INPUT VOLTAGE : 220V AC @ 50 Hz
  • INPUT CURRENT : 50Ma max.
  • TOTAL POWER : < 50 Watt
  • REACTOR VOLTAGE : 3500 Volt
  • OZONE CONCENTRATION : 230 to 270 mg/h
  • AIR FLOW REQUIRED : 5 to 15 l/min
  • MAX. PRESSURE : 0.015Mpa

Ozone Combo 250