Rodent Frequency Repellent

Programmed specifically to repel and kill both rats and mice.  Our frequency modules are uniquely programmed to emit a frequency specifically targeting rats and mice. The Rodent Zap is safe for humans and animals.

This environmentally conscious product requires no power, no batteries and no maintenance. The Rodent Zap broadcasts frequencies 24 hours a day and covers a 40m radius (Roughly 5000m2).  The product has a lifespan of 10 years or longer. It is safe for all farm animals, pets and predators. Many of our predators are dying out due to the constant use of poisons. Through continuous involvement and proactive inspections, our clients participate in early detection. This allows us to load any new harmful disease, sub species or mutations onto existing products.

The Rodent Zap is a cost effective investment for any home, business or farm.


Rodent Zap

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