Today, thanks to our SoftMAG Plasma Foot Mat based on Plasma technology, it is not only possible to quickly eliminate pain, but also to prevent its occurrence and improve the functioning of the entire body. The magnetic field penetrates the painful tissue quickly and does not allow the electrical impulses of pain to escape from the cells. The pain signal is extinguished in the blink of an eye. In this way, it increases the oxygenation and cellular nutrition of the tissues, in addition to the excretion of toxins. Healing of inflammation is accelerated, swelling, oedema and hypersensitivity disappear. Why is our plasma foot mat so effective? In the feet there are more than 7000 points that represent the ends of nerves that run from every organ in our body - they are called receptors. The foot is the mirror of health...In the images above you can see the receptor points responsible for the different organs of the body. Correct stimulation of these points through the interaction of magnetic fields leads to reduced pain and improved organ function. This is the natural and beneficial action of plasma technology. Corresponding areas:

1. nose

2. thyroid

3. trachea

4. throat

5. frontal and para-nasal sinuses

6. adrenal glands

7. cerebellum

8. trigeminal nerve

9. parathyroid

10. eyes

11. ears

12. sap

13. trapezius muscle

14. arms

15. lungs and bronchi

16. heart

17. digestive system

18. stomach

19. bladder

20. kidneys

21. spleen

22. duodenum

23. gallbladder

24. pancreas

25. transverse colon

26. urinary tract

27. small intestine

28. descending colon

29. rectum

30. coccyx

31. anus

32. knee

33. knee

34. hip joint

35. ovaries

36. genital organs

37. haemorrhoids

38. nervous system

39. vermiform appendix

40. pituitary gland

41. hypertension Complies with European EC standards concerning CLASS I medical device products. Certification of conformity n. 1832341


Our SoftMAG Reflexology Mat helps to restore the body's natural "electric" state while you sleep, work or relax at home. Thanks to Plasma technology, simply place it under your feet to take full advantage of its effectiveness. Relax and sleep better thanks to the energy connections between the various parts of your feet and your body.



Excellent remedy for insomnia; Relieves sleep disorders; Ideal for sleep apnea syndrome; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Fights snoring; Promotes muscle recovery; Promotes recovery from certain diseases; Excellent to treat certain cardiovascular diseases; Improves blood pressure and circulation; Thrombosis; Diseases related to inflammation; Diabetes; Stress; Menopause; Hormonal complaints etc..



  • 1 x Plasma Foot Mat;
  • 1 x Carrying bag;
  • 1 x Instructions for use;
  • 1 x brochure.
  • Dimensions: 53cm x 35cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 1000gr
  • Adjustable with tear-off system.


SoftMAG Foot Mat